International Payments
Local Ease

Seamlessly send payments from U.S. companies to Brazilian employees, vendors, and service providers. Our platform marries efficiency with security for peace of mind in every transaction!

Click, Pay, Done

Easily upload your payee list from a spreadsheet and execute payments in moments.

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Perks Beyond What Banks Offer

Say goodbye to the slow, costly, and complicated processes of traditional banks. Embrace simplicity, speed, affordability, and a smooth experience with us.

Benefits that the banks can't offer
Pay all employees and suppliers with a single transaction.

One Transfer, Multiple Happy Recipients

A single U.S. Wire Transfer or ACH disperses funds to all your Brazilian recipients at once, swiftly and securely.

Get Paid in a New York Minute

Enjoy a locked-in exchange rate in USD or BRL. Recipients receive the full amount in their Brazilian accounts by the next business day.

Send to any bank account in any Brazilian State

Elevate Your Payroll Experience with CambioPay

Tailored Solutions for Every Business Need

Our platform supports your finance team to execute swifter, more cost-effective international payments.

Free support, export reports, bilingual support ans API integration
Atendimento bilíngue em tempo real

Speak to an Expert Who Gets It

Our multilingual support team offers real-time assistance in Portuguese and English through Online Chat, WhatsApp, and Email. We’re here for you.


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