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5 Best Pix Systems for Brazil Payments

Which are the best systems to offer Pix Payments? Here’s our top 5.

Finding the best system for your business to process Pix Payments from Brazil can be tricky, so today we’re going to show you 5 of the best systems in the market so you can decide based on your business special needs. Check it out!

Why have a system for Pix Payments?

If you have a business in the US and you want to accept Pix Payments from Brazil, you’ll need some kind of gateway to let your customer pay by pix and send that money from Brazil to the USA.

Ideally, that process will happen directly bank to bank. That means you won’t have to keep an account in Brazil and send the money yourself, therefore avoiding unnecessary taxes, fees and time wasted.

But you don’t need just a gateway, you need a tool that will actually help your company manage those payments from Brazil.

You need a software that will improve the experience of your customer and allow them to make easy instant payments by Pix.

We also want to be cost-effective in this choice. Any fees that we have to pay will inevitably trickle down to the customer, letting our prices less competitive.

Another thing to be mindful of is the time to pay. How much time it takes for the platform to process the payment and get the money to your account in the USA will determine how fast your capital can flow.

Therefore, this system must offer:

  1. Payment Gateway Technology: Ideally through an API for seamless e-commerce integration.
  2. Direct Bank Transfers: Ensuring funds flow directly from Brazil to your U.S. account.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting: For monitoring incoming payments and their statuses.
  4. Customer Support: Preferably in Brazilian Portuguese to assist both your business and your customers.
  5. Cost Efficiency: Minimizing fees and taxes to keep your offerings competitive.
  6. Quick Payment Processing: For faster capital turnover.


So which are the best systems to offer Pix Payments taking all this into account? Here’s our top 5:


CambioCheckout is a payment gateway custom made for the Brazilian market. It allows for companies in the US to charge clients Brazil by Pix using payments links or full API integration to and Ecommerce. It has no Subscription cost and also free IT and service support for your business and your customer both in Brazilian Portuguese and English.


  • Payment Gateway Tech: Full API integration and payment links.
  • Bank to Bank: Direct transfers.
  • Reports: Comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Support: Live chat, email, and WhatsApp in both Portuguese and English.
  • Fees: average 2% + 0.38% IOF.
  • Time to Pay: 1 business day for Pix Payments.
  • Minimum for withdrawal requirement: No minimum, automatic daily ACH settlement.

Wise for Business

Wise for Business is an app that lets you charge your customers in Brazil. It’s quite fast and inexpensive but there are some issues: it doesn’t allow your customer to pay, unless they themselves have a Wise account. Also, there are no API’s to integrate ecommerce. They do offer support in Portuguese, but it’s mostly automated.


  • Payment Gateway Tech: Via Wise app; no API for e-commerce integration.
  • Bank to Bank: Direct transfers.
  • Reports: Limited, non-exportable data.
  • Support: Automated Q&A.
  • Fees: 1.11% spread (including 0.38% IOF), $4.14 wire fee.
  • Time to Pay: 10 seconds.
  • Minimum for withdrawal requirement: Yes



Ebanx is a Payment Gateway that offers API technology so you can integrate your Ecommerce and immediately offer Pix Payments for customers in Brazil. It’s a subscription system that offers a bunch of features usually useful for larger businesses.


  • Payment Gateway Tech: API integration for e-commerce.
  • Bank to Bank: Yes.
  • Reports: Detailed reporting.
  • Support: Company-focused, no customer support.
  • Fees: $200 subscription plus additional fees, 0.38% IOF.
  • Time to Pay: 1-2 business days.
  • Minimum for withdrawal requirement: Yes



Stripe is a commonly used payment gateway in the US that does offer the option of Pix Payments. Even though the system can accept international payments on credit cards, it does not allow for Pix Payments to be transferred internationally. That means that your business will have to keep an account in Brazil and then send that money to the US.

  • Payment Gateway Tech: API available.
  • Bank to Bank: No; requires maintaining a Brazilian account.
  • Reports: Comprehensive.
  • Support: International.
  • Fees: 5.18% + $0.30 per Pix transaction.
  • Time to Pay: 2 business days.
  • Minimum for withdrawal requirement: Yes




It would be easy to believe that PayPal, one of the largest Payment Gateways Systems in the world, would accept Pix Payments. That is no longer the case. PayPal stoped accepting Pix Payments since 2023.We just added them here because so many people relied on PayPal for their Pix Payments, so we would like to show you some alternatives.

Final results

Making a break down of all the information we gathered about Pix Systems for Payments in Brazil we can make a feel assessment about the options presented.

Wise for Business has some of the best fees and transactions speed in the market, but their B2B support is an afterthought. 

They have no API integration for payments, you can’t export reports and all of their features are closed to anybody that does not have the app.

That’s a big deal, especially if you’re running an Ecommerce that relies on automated sales. Sure, if your customer already uses Wise than it becomes way easier to charge, but other than that, downloading the app and onboarding becomes an unwelcomed step in the process.

For Automated systems, it’s hard to compete with Ebanx Features. They have a thorough technology that offers a lot of personalization options. 

The downside is the pricing. Smaller companies like startups, or companies that wish to expand to Brazil, but still don’t have customers in the country can feel afraid of investing so much.

There are also known complaints about support that should be taken into account.

Then we have Stripe and Paypal which are perfectly fine if you want to accept credit card payments, but can’t really offer Pix International Payments.

Therefore, it all really comes down to what your business needs. If you have a medium sized or small business, lets say: Law Practice, IT, Education or Retail operation, you might prefer CambioCheckout.

Why is that? Mainly because CambioCheckout offers personalized support in Brazilian Portuguese and English, plus most of the features that you’ll find in all the options above.

CambioCheckout is a product that was developed specially for the Brazilian market. Having that insight let us make a system custom for Brazil’s needs and that includes Pix Payments.

Of course, only you can decide which system is best for your business, but if you’re interested, feel free to let us know!

PIX for US Companies 100% Free for businesses. Seamless integration via API. Also, Nupay, Boleto, and Installments.

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