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Pix with Your Payment Systems

A Step-by-Step Guide

Similar to Zelle, Pix Payments are the preferred method of quick payments in Brazil. It is a local payment system but some Payment companies offer it as an international option as the money will end up in your US. Business bank account. But how does that work?

Today we will walk you through the process of executing International Pix Payments step by step.

Link Payments from Brazil to the US

International payment systems typically allow businesses to request payments from customers by providing a payment link. This link directs customers to a checkout page where they can confirm the payment amount and select their preferred payment method.

Creating a Payment Link: Depending on the platform, the payment link can be shared in many ways. CambioCheckout, for example, enables businesses to generate a payment link, which can be sent to customers via email, copied, or shared on WhatsApp or even integrated as a payment button to your website.

Checkout Process: To comply with legal requirements and prevent fraud, the checkout process usually requires customers to quickly register their basic information or log in. Here, they can choose their preferred payment method: Pix, Boleto, or credit card.

Pix Payment: For Pix, a QR code and a text code are generated. Customers can copy the text code on mobile devices or scan the QR code using their internet banking app on desktops. This code, readable by any internet banking app in Brazil, contains all necessary payment details and all the customer has to do is click the option to confirm payment.

Payment to a Processor: Pix payment is made locally to a processor in Brazil, in BRL. Pix is automatically compensated, Which means as soon as the buyer makes a payment, they receive a confirmation. A decent payment platform such as CambioCheckout, should also be able to notify you that PIX was successfully made.

Currency Exchange: This is where things get “international”. A couple steps behind, during the checkout process when the QR code is generated, a currency exchange rate is also applied to a transaction. This means that the customer has agreed to a certain amount of USD related to that payment amount in BRL. Once the processor receives the funds in BRL, it will convert it to USD using that fixed exchange rate. This is why transactions must be paid usually within the same business day in order to be valid.

Settlement: Each payment processing company will have their own set of rules when it comes to settlement. With CambioCheckout, automatic daily ACH payments are made to the US. Business’s bank account regardless of the amount. ACH payments are free of charge for your business. In this case, your PIX will arrive in 1-3 business days and there is no need for any actions on your side. Some other processors may require a minimum volume before withdrawal. Usually because they operate with International Wire Payments instead of ACH so be aware – there will probably be an extra U$30 fee for each settlement.

In summary, the process is quite simple and fast. Let’s just break down into steps:

  1. Your company generates and shares a payment link
  2. Quick customer registration + QR code generation (PIX transaction with a fixed FX rate)
  3. Pix Payment via Online Banking
  4. FX and International Transfer Processing
  5. Settlement: ACH in 1-3 business days.


Easy, right? Let us add a cherry on top: Customers may have the option to finance their Pix Payment through their bank, which is a very attractive alternative to installment payments on credit cards. This won’t affect the payment amount you receive but is worth considering for customer convenience.

Exploring Your Options

Choosing the right international payment system is crucial for the success of your business. For a closer look at the process, we invite you to request a live demo. During this free demonstration, we’ll provide an in-depth walkthrough on setting up Pix Payments and guide you through the payment process from your customer’s perspective.

Until then, we hope that this information was useful!

PIX for US Companies 100% Free for businesses. Seamless integration via API. Also, Nupay, Boleto, and Installments.

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