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Why Offer Pix Payments in Brazil

A cost-effective solution for integrating Pix Payments into your payment options, without upfront fees.

Offering Pix Payments in Brazil is a strategic move for businesses expanding their reach, but what you don’t want to do is pay for a subscription service before you even find out if this is the right move for your business.

We’ve got you covered. We’re here to introduce a cost-effective solution for integrating Pix Payments into your payment options, without upfront fees.

Why Offer Pix Payments in Brazil

As you start acquiring clients from Brazil, traditional billing methods might seem straightforward: issue an invoice and await payment. However, two major issues can arise with this approach:

  1. Delayed Payments: It is not as easy for a Brazilian to pay a US Business as it is the other way around. So you may expect nearly a week for Brazilian customers to complete a transaction.
  2. Failed Transactions: Customers may abandon the payment due to complex processes or high fees associated with international transactions.


Traditional methods are slow, and while international credit cards might seem like an alternative, they’re not widely available in Brazil. Additionally, international credit card transactions incur a 5.38% tax (IOF), adding to the cost.

Pix Payments, however, stand out as a widely accepted, fully digital payment method in Brazil, facilitating immediate bank-to-bank transfers with minimal fees (just 0.38% compared to 5.36% IOF). But to offer Pix, you need to find an international processor – not your regular Square / Stripe buddy. But trust me, this shouldn’t add any additional costs to your business.

Well, what about Pix?

So, Pix is the most common payment method in Brazil. It’s fully digital and made by accessing internet banking through a QR code.

There are ways to make a Pix Payment in Brazil that can be directly transferred to your account in the US, bank to bank.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Payment Link: Send your Brazilian customers a payment link.
  2. QR Code Generation: Customers log in / register to generate a Pix QR code.
  3. Payment Completion: They scan the QR code using their banking app, initiating the transfer.


This method not only reduces fees but also accelerates the payment process, with funds typically arriving in your U.S. account within one business day.

Financing Pix Payments

Your customer’s bank may offer financing options for Pix Payments, allowing them to pay in installments. This doesn’t affect your business; you receive the full amount immediately without the risk of chargebacks, offering a way to provide installment payments where they might not otherwise be available.

Offering Pix Payments for Free

Traditionally, integrating Pix Payments requires a subscription to a payment gateway like Ebanx, which can be costly. CambioCheckout offers a free alternative:

  • No Subscription or Onboarding Costs: Get started without upfront fees.
  • Zero Transaction Fees: CambioCheckout charges a 2-4% spread on the exchange rate to the customer, not your business. This rate decreases as your sales volume increases, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Comprehensive Payment Options: Alongside Pix, offer Boletos and National Credit Cards.
  • Seamless Integration and Support: Benefit from API integration, free IT support, and bilingual customer service in Brazilian Portuguese and English.


CambioCheckout positions itself as a partner in your growth, offering a free and efficient way to accept Pix Payments in Brazil.

For more information and to explore our services, visit our website. Discover why CambioCheckout is the premier free option for offering Pix Payments in Brazil, and take the next step in expanding your business’s payment capabilities.

PIX for US Companies 100% Free for businesses. Seamless integration via API. Also, Nupay, Boleto, and Installments.

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