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Alternatives to Wise when running Payroll in Brazil

Today we are going to show you alternatives to running payroll with Wise and what are the pitfalls when applying this software to Brazil.

Why NOT run Payroll in Brazil on Wise.

There is no denying that Wise has a solid software when it comes to international transfer, don’t get me wrong.

But there are concerns related to running international payroll that go beyond just the money transfer itself, and we have to be mindful of such things if we want to outsource from Brazil.

So first off, we need a solution that can help us manage contracts and invoices for fiscal bookkeeping purposes, that is a given.

Wise doesn’t offer any support on that end, which means that if you’re running payroll, you’re going to have to use at least 2 different softwares: one for money  transfer and another for accounting management.

They will offer you API integration between your accounting software, but that usually requires you to upgrade to a more costly subscription so you need to be mindful of your total software cost related to payroll.

Then, you have to be compliant to Brazil’s laws, taxes and regulations. Those can be a lot, especially if you’re running a small business.

Usually you’re going to need some kind of support to manage these details. 

Also, of course, your team in Brazil will also need to comply and for that they will also need support, preferably in their native language.

So there it is, you need a system that can:

  • comply with Brazilian law,
  • that will not add software cost to your operations, that you can manage contracts and invoices,
  • that offers support for your business and your team in English, but also Brazilian Portuguese.

The Alternative to Wise when Running Payroll In Brazil

If you have a small or medium sized business, we highly recommend you to check CambioPay out!

CambioPay was created specially for batch payments from the US to Brazil.

You can add and manage all your teams invoices and contracts, you and your team can get free support in English and Portuguese, and it has no subscription fees.

That ‘s right! We made a solution that has ZERO software cost and that offers the perfect solution for businesses that outsource to Brazil.

Now, how does it work?

Well it’s simple, all you have to do is upload your team’s contracts and data to the system, select the beneficiaries for payroll, pay them in one Wire Transfer or ACH debit and that’s it!

All of your payroll runs automatically to all beneficiaries in Brazil in 1 business day as soon as the wire compensates.

What about your team’s invoices and banking information? That’s all on us.

Your team can generate their invoices inside CambioPay and upload them with their banking information.

And if they run into any kind of issues, we offer Brazilian Portuguese support for free.

So far we have been able to help other customers save thousands of dollars in transaction costs only and we think that we have made an incredible product for companies that outsource to Brazil.

Of course, if you’re running an international operation to not just Brazil, but other countries as well, you’re gonna want to have a more robust option.

So Wise with the support of an accounting software would be best in that scenario.

But if you just want to run payroll to Brazil easily, then check more details here!

Also, if you wanna know more software alternatives to Wise when running payroll to Brazil, we made a list of 5 software that you should know about

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